Cullah – Cullahtivation [2020] [Album]

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  1. Cullahtivation Revelation
  2. Falling
  3. Runaway
  4. A Trying Shame
  5. The Forgotten Song
  6. Elegy
  7. No Matter What You Do
  8. The Woodlouse
  9. Chuckling Duckling
  10. Not Naught
  11. As Above, So Below
  12. Parietals

Producer: Cullah
Artwork: Maddie and The Moon
Mastering: Mystery Room Mastering (Justin Perkins)

Executive Producers:
Navjoot Sandhar, Ryno The Bearded and the #OO show, Tim McCullough, Anonymous

Associate Producers:
Chassy Tauberman, Stan Janowiak, David Lamprecht, Melissa Weishaar, Michele Rosado, Phillip Emery, John Wollney, Joe Garbe, Tim DeWitt, Raymond Kampmeier, Emily Bell, Benjamin Yarmulnik, Monica Murphy, Nancy Angelini, Jesse Hagler, Barrie Nolan, Dominic Ficarrotta, Ginny McCullough, Quality CAT, Paress Huebner, Tonya Grisham, Lynn Tarrence, Joey Dadass, Sean O'Reilly, Kyle Kautz, Daniel Noyes, Rocky Shattuck, Matthew Landi, Gabriel Peisker, Mary Nell Wolff, Aaron Burkel, Seth Rosenberg, Matthew Thomas, Lindsey Kampmeier, Susie Wienke

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