Cullah – Pack -A- Clones [2012] [Album]

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Album info
"Two sides to MC Cullah’s multitape debut, “Pack –A- Clones. The first side contains the Evil Clones and the second side contains the Sweet. But, don’t you fret… as a great philosopher-poet once said, “Every sweet hath its sour; every evil it’s good.” That is true most certainly for this record. But, perhaps you should fret because as MC Cullah described, “Each clone packs a punch like yo mamma with yo lunch.” Whether entering into the Evil side with a sweet attitude or the Sweet side with an evil attitude, your ears will nonetheless enjoy themselves. MC Cullah just sounds right here. In all the reviews for MC’s albums, the trend seems to be the listener cannot help but enter into the world of Cullah and his unrelenting love for the unheard yet familiar. It seems Cullah is the epitome of simple emotional expression."
- zizestrian


Pack -A- Clones (Evil)
  1. Slim "Jimminy" Jim
  2. Old Western Firefight
  3. Gas Station Robbery
  4. Robot Frolicking Through a Meadow
  5. Port Mento Ahead!
  6. Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein
  7. Forty Eight
  8. Yea Yea Yea
  9. A Little Hippity Hoppity
  10. Italian Singing Hip Hop
  11. Marry Do You Wanna?
  12. 8bit Five (ft. J6)
  13. Twenty Six
  14. GroOvy
  15. Never Trust the Devil
  16. Fifty Nine

Pack -A- Clones (Sweet)
  1. A Dangerous Game
  2. Quite the Choir
  3. Sweet as Pie
  4. Mind Spitting Cullahs
  5. Never Stop
  6. Forty Seven
  7. My Mental Gets Phatter
  8. Sour as Pie
  9. Bit by Bit
  10. I'll Never Understand
  11. Make it Funky
  12. Freshin Up Your Taste
  13. Sixty Five
  14. Western Firefight 2
  15. Root Down Flip
  16. Hypnotize (MC Cullah Remix)

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