Cullah – Spectacullah [2019] [Album]

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  1. Spectacullah Vernacullah
  2. I Don't Mind It
  3. Turn Tail And Run
  4. I Want You To Be Kind To Yourself
  5. Love You Gotta Be
  6. Conduct
  7. Bow
  8. White Crow Flies
  9. I Ceased To Be

“For Cullah, I think 13 may just be his magic number. Listening to this new track from “Spectacullah” (his 13th album) on repeat, it’s pretty hard to draw comparisons to his previous work. And as a music lover…I love being challenged like that. Yes, I still get a hip-hop vibe that runs through this song, but between the guitar parts sneaking through my head and the addition of the female voice in the chorus to the sax (and what are those…strings?)

I don’t think there is another song or Milwaukee artist right now that sounds anything like this. So put this on repeat and let Cullah help find your lost soul, he doesn’t mind it.”

-Dori Zori of 88.9FM Radio Milwaukee
released April 27, 2019

Artwork: Bigshot Robot

Mastering: Justin Perkins (Mystery Room Mastering)

Vinyl Pressing: Cream City Records

Executive Producers:

Tim McCullough, Devin Simonelli, Leah Mitchell-Dawson

Associate Producers:

Martin McBurney, Alexia Prichard, Lisa M Richards, Michele Rosado, Jonathon Hesley, Robert Neu, Melissa Weishaar, Jeffrey Johnson, Kudret Demirdogen, Sean O'Reilly, Matthew Strelzyk, Chassy Tauberman, Raymond Kampmeier, Michael Rees, Samuel Ferrec, Marco Groenewege, Michael Starosta, Andrew Krikelas, Kelly Burns, Shawn Mullen, Kayla McCullough, Adam Hicks, Raymond Wolfram, Nancy Angelini, David Tilleman, Benjamin Yarmulnik, Matthew Landi, Quality CAT, Rocky Shattuck, David Lamprecht, Mary Nell Wolff, Ryno The Bearded, Nick Branchick

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