Cullah – Cullahsus [2018] [Album]

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  1. Moonlove Funk
  2. Foreyes
  3. Be Nine To Thrive
  4. Helios 3
  5. Deluge Fire
  6. I See
  7. King Jebediah (The Falcon Messiah)
  8. Lies Rise
  9. Hurrycane
  10. The Grief of Ceridwen
  11. Till At Last
  12. Cullahsus Consensus

With his aptly named brand new album Cullahsus, he takes us back to his roots. His funky beats and that Milwaukee melodic spirit that never left now accompanies every song. Well-placed sampling and cheery chirps travel to your ears with ease. Positivity beams at the fall of every beat and brings a smile to your face, making you wish for just one more verse.

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