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Thread for new members' introductions.
You can tell something about yourself, how you found us, what kind of music do you like, your instruments and other good things 🙂

Actually we all are new here, so welcome all :love:

I'm 21 old guy. I am into rock, alternative, classical and scores (movies themes, music).

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Hy. I'm Andrei, I have 18 years. I like classical, dance, pop, house.

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Hello! I'm rattikettu, I'm 21 years old. I like technical deathmetal, melodic blackmetal and everything in between. I desing stylesheets as a hobby, and play guitar aswell.

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Hey all,

22m. I'm a music enthusiast, tech enthusiast, and someone who is emerging from the brainwashing of religious upbringing. Really excited to be here, and looking forward to getting to know others!

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Hi I am smackgamer the lover of games and music ;P

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Hi I'm Brian, I'm 18, and I'm going to start college for Game Design and Development in the fall.

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I'm Kareem from egypt and i have 19 years.
Hey all

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jayp12323, 20 (almost 21), USA,  and I go to college for electrical engineering

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Abhi from india  , hello to all

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Hey I am Peter from Hungary. Just call me Addae. I am 20, electronic music producer since 2008. Mostly make minimalistic stuff but I started with original dubstep, not what they call nowdays...it is a crap. I also love psychedelic things. I made an album for 2 years. It does not have a style, but I call it simply Tribe. It is the mixture of electronic sounds and pure drums and wooden instruments. I think thosw who will introduce theirselfs, should talk about why are they listening that music. Try to go really deep inside yourself, this is where real informations come from.


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Monkeymook. I'm 22; a college dropout, I have just started (over the past year) writing chiptune on a few Game Boys, and partially studying hardware engineering and computer science. I'm starting to write on other consoles, such as the C64, Atari STFM/2600, and the NES.

I'm not really comfortable releasing anything I've done, because I think it all sucks, and I'm never happy with my work. Not like, 'I'm always trying to improve my work' dissatisfaction, but I think a gentleman from 8bc.org named 'kulor' said it best:

kulor wrote:
I hate my own music because I wrote it, and because I wrote it I automatically tune in on the things that suck about a piece and ignore all the things that I might've done well. Pretty simple, really. On top of that, when I think up an idea for a piece, I know exactly where the idea came from and what sort of thinking lead me to that idea, and I can usually trace it back to a specific song source, which automatically makes me think everything I do is horribly unoriginal on some kind of subconscious level.
It's what I call 'artist's syndrome' and I think everybody who does music for too long gets it.

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Hi i'm data.hypercomplex from Belgium. I'm 29 y/o and i'm running a music blog that supports the independent artists/bands. That means I only post free things/name your price things on my blog or things I received from bands/artists.

To be honest in the beginning I posted things I liked but I switched that and now I only post things that I mentioned above.

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Hey, my name is Andrew and I live in the USA. I'm 23 and I'm about to graduate with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Some musical genres I enjoy include Psychedelic, Progressive, Indie and Classic Rock, Reggae, Electronic (psytrance, dubstep, DnB, chillout, 8bit), Rap, Hip-hop, Bluegrass, Thrash and Stoner Metal, and Eclectic/World music. I currently only have some hand drums but I would like to start making music using a keyboard and Reason. My other interests include camping, hiking, snowboarding, and video games. I am currently addicted to the independent game Minecraft.

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Hello. I, galgadon, am 24 and live in the USA.  I enjoy lots of music: my favorite artists range from minimalist slowcore to brutal death metal, but I especially like music that is technical/mathy.  I play guitar, and I'll be uploading my band's music here pretty soon.

I really like the idea for this site, and I hope it takes off.  Looking forward to becoming an active member.

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Hi.. i m lossless.. i am a medical student ...n uploader at few good lossless trackers... ..its a pleasure meeting  u all

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Hi from Poland!
I'm glad to be here and I hope I wll find here lot of reggae, ska, Oi! and dubstep

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Hi from Italy! i'm a 21 years-old student of computer engineering!🙂 i hope this site will grow, i like it very very much!

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Well hello...!
I'm the danish fucker..! a few know me even more dont and never will..!


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hello ! i'm ites 20 years old. i'm a theology student

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Hey all, My names K3V, Im 28 from the sunny Isle of Wight, UK.
Here to represent MC Skatty and share his work with the world.

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Hey guys,
Glad to be here.
The site looks pretty hot 😉

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Howdy Howdy everyone. Just stoping by to say hello \o/ 23 from the US here

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vDubG wrote:
\o/ 23 from the US here

too old for our club.
18-21 only.

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polcan wrote:
vDubG wrote:
\o/ 23 from the US here
too old for our club.
18-21 only.


Guess that means I'm out as well.

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nope, that was restriction only for vDubG 😛

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