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stickademus wrote:
Hi All. Time for me to post I suppose. I like the music.

We like you like it.

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Hi I am Bloodhunter from India n nowadays I listen to dubstep but my music taste keeps on changing. I have friends who are members of atleast 6 local Rock/Metal bands and one band has done international shows too. My younger cousin also has his own band.

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/me waves

o/ Hello everyone

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hello i'm Abdelkrim , i'm 26 years old , from algerie , and i'm happy to be one of you here

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Hi everybody here, I just came in through the open signup door 🙂

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Hey! MirrorVision here.

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Welcome Fiendish, stickademus, Bloodhunter, jok3r, kikim, Anakunda, and regenerati! :hat:

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Hello, everyone!I called the super, I come from mainland China. I am pleased to note that this website and opening registration.

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I'm Joanne, I play the piano a bit and like expressionist or minimalist pieces such as Satie and Mompou.

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o/ Hello everyone

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Hay i m jawad 23 Years old , progressive and doom metal , with some old and hard rock 🙂

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Greets from Russian army, dears!

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Hi everyone) My name is Roman. I prefer electronic music such as breaks/breakbeat, drum and bass, dubstep^^

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Welcome abcd6900, JoanneM, jawad, and Dastrix99 :wave:

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Hi everyone. My name is Roman and i am from Ukraine. :wave:

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Hey everyone! Nice to be here!

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welcome in this family guys :wave:

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Hello everyone! I'm just a college student from Canada. I've no musical talent myself and I have strong appreciation for those that do. I try to catch as many live shows as possible with what little money I have. I listen to a lot of indie rock but I enjoy almost everything else.

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19, male. I've found myself enjoying more and more independent artists' works lately, so I thought I'd sign up.

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Welcome dragex, Evolbor, caldermt and Catnap :hat:

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Howdy. Happy to be here 🙂

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Welcome Shax :wave:

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Have joined recently and want to say hello to all here at Panda.CD

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Just joined panda.cd, so hi to everyone here!

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jendol, Zotar :wave:

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