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howdy folks Jon here from Leeds, Uk young free and so very very single thanks for allowing me into the site.

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hi all ryan here from basingstoke in the uk 38 male cheers for this

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Welcome all.

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hye my name ismubshr ali ..

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hello hallo iam tornadoharley

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hey my name's leom!

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Hi, It's Namkomuna, 19, Like Japanese POP. 🙂

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Hey, all. 29 / M / Chicago.

Random factoids:
- presently listening to Into It. Over It
- I've seen the Mountain Goats live ten times
- favorite album of all time is Boxer by The National
- wrote a book of short fiction
- took a day+ on buses to get from Chicago to New York City
- I have memberships to three pro wrestling streaming services
- worked in two bookstores and two comic shops

Hey, hi.

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Hi, I am Kassen from India and I don't need bobs and vagene :-p

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hi, Tasho 19

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Hey at all, zeinacio, 28 and from Chile. All music it's good to listening to me.


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Hi, Alex from Spain.

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yaye !! Alain from France !

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Hello all and welcome to PandaCD !!

Hello all and welcome to PandaCD !!

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Googled "free legal torrent sites" and landed here. Anybody still alive here?

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^ thats what i wanna know

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Hi i'm Lozzy.

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Hi Everyone,

I recently scored the soundtrack to a documentary. I released the entire musical score as mp3s for free on my site and social media. I would like the score to be uploaded to all of the popular torrent websites. We own all of the music and the rights to give this music away for free. We want to convert fans of the documentary to listeners of our music and this is one of many ideas we have to do this. I have given away albums for free on torrents in the past and it's led to a large amount of traffic to my site and socials.

Thanks Panda.cd

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Hello all! I love this site! 🙂 I just wish there was more donation options 😁

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