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Bandcamp has over 300,000 releases, many from obscure and open-minded artists who license their music under Creative Commons (allowing others to share/distribute their works freely). To find these releases, search Google with the following terms.  site:bandcamp.com -"buy now" -"pre-order now" "free download" "Digital Album" "-track album" "some rights reserved"

site:bandcamp.com - Narrows results to only those under bandcamp.com
-"buy now" -"pre-order now" "free download" - Remove releases that cost money, and display only those offered for free
"Digital Album" - Return only albums. This can be changed to "Digital EP", etc for other release types
"-track album" - Album releases always have this text in them, but by adding it as a search term, Google will display text close to these terms, which will display the number of tracks in the album.
"some rights reserved" - The meat for Panda.cd. Insures the release isn't under full copyright. Be careful though, some releases will show this text, but have one or two songs that are licensed differently.

You can further narrow results by release year, tags, or display the results with the most recent on top. If you enjoy jazz, add that to the terms and you might find an obscure release to upload that you enjoy.

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