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Who/what referred you to this site?

For me, a jovial post in a thread about pandas on What.

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I don't know, I woke up naked on the floor with panda.cd open in Chrome.

Well, the first part is true at least, no clue how I heard about this place.

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A good member of goem offered some signups.

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I first heard about it over at BTN, but I've also seen it mentioned at What.

I've also told some artist friends about it in hopes that they would come and upload some of their music.

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Heard about it on FN. I liked the idea of the site.

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elephants are to big for forums!!!

but if the elephants lost i highly doubt it will be found....

figure that out and you will know how i got here.. LoL


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I saw it mentioned at BTN and a couple other places

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Someone mentioned it on TF, thought I'd have a look.

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Bb did it for me.

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JackCrumble wrote:
Bb did it for me.

The same here

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dannybasic wrote:

Yeah. I had an idea attempt something like this site. Not really surprised someone beat me to it 🤷

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Reddit r/trackers.

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I'm just tired to use Jamendo - in my opinion, this is not the best site - and decided to find another place with legal content, particularly music. Visiting sites catalog at Vuze.com I found Panda.CD in the list. I am very happy about that. ^_^

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