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Poll - Favorite Mobile OS?
Favorite Mobile OS?

iOS (6 votes)

Android (14 votes)

Symbian OS (0 votes)

Windows Phone 7 (1 vote)

BlackBerry OS (0 votes)

Other (please state in post) (0 votes)

User Votes: 21
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The mobile computing market is exploding, as such competition amongst operating systems is fierce.

What is your favorite mobile OS? What are your thoughts on the future of it, and of the others?

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I preffer WM 7

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iOS, but I kinda want to buy an Android device, but there are certain things keeping me away from it.

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Android FTW!

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no-doubt... iOS, vivala Apple products

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If i had to pick i would pick the iphone

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Turns out these devices were used to spy on you. Seems kid of obvious now but hindsight is 20/20.

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