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Could you change the colour of tags in the stylesheet. Current color is a bit too light in my opinion. If you'd make it a bit darker, it would be easier to read.

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Personally, I like the current hue. Its perfect as the text doesn't distract from the Artist / Release name, yet is conveniently there as soon you look down. In addition a darker hue could make it look like there's too much text in one area.

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it doesn't have to be as dark as the description, just a bit darker so it woulld be readable

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agreed, I have good eyesight, but I can barely see the tags...

the same color, just slightly darker would be ideal, imo

Here, check this out....

On the first 3 torrents, I darkened the text just a tiny bit, and lowered its placement a little, and its much easier to read, without taking anything away from the Title.

The last 3 torrents are unchanged, so you can see the slight difference.


bbcode no worky?

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Updated... dropped it down a little

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wow, that was quick!

awesome work - it's def easier to read now, thanks!

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I approve of this new color. 🙂

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