Which Music Player do you use ?

Foobar (25 votes)

Winamp (9 votes)

Windows Media Player (3 votes)

iTunes (6 votes)

Rhythmbox (1 vote)

Banshee (1 vote)

Other (9 votes)

User Votes: 54
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I use aimp2 on windows and clementine on linux. Soon ill be completely migrating to linux, so clementine exclusively 🙂

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Foobar for the ability to scrobble and to use AIMP to announce to IRC what im playing

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Vox for MP3s or Peak/Amadeus Pro for everything else.

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AIMP is comfortable to use.

JetAudio...OK, just listen MP3 64 kbps in it. It sound like MP3 192 kbps. And that's not so strange - JetAudio was created by Cowon. We all know their MP3 players.

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i switch between foobar and mediamonkey. aurous had caught my intention but seems to have been fucked over by the entertainment industry.

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