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A significant update has just been rolled out. The site has a new look, and most features have been reworked.

Most notably, we have moved to a .io domain and our old payment processor (which wasn't BitTorrent-friendly) has been replaced with cryptocurrency options. On the upload page you can now enter your bitcoin (on-chain or LNURL), ethereum, and monero payment addresses. QR codes for these are displayed on release pages. Users can optionally sign a message to 'claim' a bitcoin or ethereum payment by supplying a txid. Note that addresses are re-used for now, but additional methods are planned.

Another big change is that the tracker is now ratio free. Stats are still recorded and viewable from user profiles but there are no minimum ratio requirements. Incentives may be introduced around seed time in the future.

Various other changes focus on discovering content such as a new release voting system (look for the ❤️ icons) and easier to use search filters. In preparation for adding streaming, Opus is now an accepted upload format. New account settings have also been added including privacy options and two-factor authentication.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome 🙂

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Wow, Great change!

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Nice job <3

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hello friend!

I'm glad you exist. I've searched the desert for years and years and never found something like this. I'm not sure how this remained hidden from me for so long, but you've done something very few have.

So cool.

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