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Some recent additions to the site:
  • Improved torrent sorting. Peer counts are now always in sync on the grouped browse page.
  • Option to upload images directly from your computer without an external image host on torrent and artist wikis.
  • Search and download links in torrent filelists.
  • On site notification when using a non-whitelisted client.
  • Zip downloader for torrent groups ([ZP] links), enabling all formats to be downloaded at once.
  • "Subscribe to topic" option added to forum replies.
  • Contact feature added to the torrent details page for artists to specify donation and public download preferences.
  • A public contact staff page.
  • Torrents are browsable by tag when logged out.
  • 'Friendly' forum and user profile URLs.
  • Optimised artwork images, and small previews added site wide.
  • A [spoiler][/spoiler] bbcode tag.
  • Sound notification for new messages in the shoutbox.
  • Snatches are indicated (✔) on the artist, group details and browse torrents pages.
  • Creative Commons licence urls are embedded in the .torrent file comment field.

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