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what would the hurdles be to implement streaming features to select tracks from artists' own choosing? being a torrent site,  i know that none of the files shared here are actually stored on the server of panda.cd, but as this is such a great place to discover new/underground/amateur talent, would it be possible to have a streaming facility which allows the viewer a one click simple way to sample a new band?

there's no real hassle with downloading a torrent obviously, but i just wonder if removing the time/effort taken to listen to a new band would help increase the amount of interest/sharing that takes place?

i don't know much about server costs etc, so i expect there may be some type of additional costs with all the extra storage space you'd require that make it unfeasible... if so then forgive my noobishness.

anyway, i'm new here and i think you guys are doing something really cool.

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Only using external sites with the media tag in descriptions for now, e.g:

[media = youtube ]URL[/media]
[media = bandcamp ]album#Album number[/media]
[media = bandcamp]track#Track number[/media]
[media = soundcloud]URL[/media]
[media = archive]URL[/media]

Though it is something that could be explored in future.

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Something you can do @MagicMan is use something called WebTorrent and seed it using either the Vuze plugin for WebTorrent or the WebTorrent desktop application. Then whatever you seed can be fetched using simple short javascript and streamed in the browser without being hosted on a server only seeded as a torrent in one of those applications. The main site has a lot of helpful stuff at both, http://webtorrent.io/intro and http://webtorrent.io/docs so you may be able to add it as a function @Panda so that way users can seed through the WebTorrent plugin or application instead of hosting it. There isn't a lot of code involved in making a media stream I'd recommend you get your devs on it.

I personally am working on a website for a colleague who will use this to stream his video content. It's also open source and still under pretty heavy development but all the functions described are 100% functioning it's additional features and hardware management that they're working on right now. But it I'm almost 100% that it needs DHT turned on so as a private tracker that might be an issue. If you want to send your devs on it the github link is http://github.com/feross/webtorrent/

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Thanks for the link Edward_Stryfe, will look into it.

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Updated to "Accepted". WebTorrent integration is in progress.

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