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YADG - Yet Another Description Generator
Creating a good, nice looking description for your album uploads is repetitive and unnecessarily hard if you are not using any tools that help you. To that end YADG was created.

What it does

YADG creates great descriptions for you by scraping one of the available sources (as of now: Beatport Pro, Discogs, Junodownload, Metal-Archives, Musicbrainz, the iTunes Store, Bandcamp, Musik-Sammler) for the release you are looking for and formatting the data. It supports multiple different description formats. A plain description format is also available if you want to include that as a text file directly in your upload.

A user script is available to integrate YADG directly into appropriate sections of Panda.cd.
(Source: Waffles.fm - but with small edits)

Based on the userscript by Slack06@github (ver. 1.3.4), I made some changes that the script works with Panda.cd.

Here is the link to my userscript:

I hope it satisfies.

Additional notes:
It's not completely finished yet. Small minor things need to be done. But the upload page works fine.

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