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maybe a dumb question, but some of the music i downloaded won't let me edit/add any information to the tags (ie, artist and so on is blank).  is this common, (like did the artist do something to protect there music) or is there an error on my computer?  we are talking about 40% of the 10gb of music i just downloaded.  

For example, music by Sadsic wont even show song length, so WMP just says "00:00" seconds long, and places until it ends.  but some of their other work is just fine and the tags are in place like they should without doing anything.  the songs that don't have tags won't allow me to edit or add tags to the music.  i have full control as an admin, but it prevents me from changing stuff.  even re-download to make sure it was okay.  

Some of the music the tags are hidden by windows, but WMP can show them in the properties and will download the rest of the tags for me.  

Just confused by it all, i wanted to see if it was just me or if others had this problem.  it's strange that i can't edit tags tho, right? and they are all left empty?

All the music i downloaded is MP3 at either 320 or V0.  Using windows 7 ultimate and WMP.  no problems with any other music on my drive.  

Thanks for any help.


Looks like i solved my own problem.  My computer has a serious issue with Version 2.3 and 2.4 ID3 tags.  I just used ID3 tag, deleted all the version 2.X tags... leaving only version 1.X tags, then i have to convert from version 1 to version 2.0 tags, and everything sorts itself out and the world spins on.

Any ideas why my computer hates version 2.X tags so much?  haha

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Similar problem to this? http://www.sevenforums.com/music-pictures-video/27188-wmp-12-does-not-recognize-id3-tags.html

EasyTag is a pretty useful program for batch editing tags.

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Yeah, same problem.  i eventually found this youtube video:


Used ID3-TagIT and it did the trick.

Sorry for the post, i assumed it was this site and not my computer.  i was surfing the web for like an hour with no luck (always pointed to file permissions) but then i found a site that talked about ID3 tags (of course after i posted this) and that was my problem.  

I'm not sure if i am the only person with this problem on the site, so hopefully this conversation helps someone else.


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