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We are pleased to announce that Panda.cd is online and operational! Feel free to spread the word by inviting friends and family, to help get the site community thriving.

For the talented artists among you with original material we encourage you to upload it and let your music be shared. If you wish, you can also make use of the artist donation feature.

Since this is quite a key feature of the site we thought we would explain it here in a little more detail:

When uploading a torrent, if you are the artist or an official representative, you have the option to enter your PayPal details and an (optional) donation target (which is total sum on donations that you would like to reach). This will appear on the details page of the torrent, allowing other site users to donate directly to you for your music.

If you are the artist responsible for any of the torrents already uploaded here by another member please contact us to claim ownership and enable artist donations.

But of course, non-artist members can still upload freely available music (via Creative Commons). So don’t let that stop you.

We envision the site as being one where artists can come together to share their work, while members directly support the creation of new music.

It's you who makes the community what it is so lets get going!

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first impression..amazing tracker, I like it 🙂 I'm glad to be here


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Happy to be here! Greetings from Romania. 🙂

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So far seems quite nice, I love the clean style/theme

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Very interesting ...A new oink increases....happy to be here!

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Awesome site love to be a member of this site !!

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Love to be here,happy to be here

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Great idea. Word up!

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I'm so happy to be here 2,look like cool tracker !

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looking good. thanks for doing this for the artists. nice work.

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looks nice and clean site
keep it up mate and get a evo box next time

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Great site.

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Very happy to be here. Believe the site has lots of potential.

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Love the concept of this site. I really hope it gains enough momentum to do well!

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Great idea, happy to be here! 🙂

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mtb wrote:
Great idea, happy to be here! 🙂


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This is an excellent idea. I like donating to artists I like, but I hate purchasing digital albums, but I like physical copies of music I download. I'm torn, but this site is a great start. Let's hope it lasts.

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What prevents people from pretending to be the artist himself and add their own paypal info?

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Someone could pretend and add their own PayPal details to a torrent, however the donations will not be active until they have been verified by staff. If there is any doubt in their validity they don't get enabled.

Verified accounts are those were the identity of the artist has already been proved (they have a green tick icon on their profiles and in the torrent details page). The verification process will only be discussed via private message.

More info here: http://panda.cd/rules/p__subject__upload#h1.2

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^Good to hear, can't believe I didn't think of that 🙂.

Edit: I see one "small" problem with the ratio system though. Unless some big artists comes along (that generates a lot of snatches) I think it will be difficult for people to build their ratios, maybe having it based on seed-time would be a better option?

Edit 2: Created a thread in the suggestions forum

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Love the site so far

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Very happy to here

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