zero-project – e-world [2011] [Album]

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"e-world" means "electronic world". This album is a wavering trip between the world created by man and the world created by nature. It is a trip from the human madness (expressed with "Psychodrama") to the natural calmness (expressed with "Ocean trip"). On the other side, e-world -with the help of technology- allows us to admire the beauty of the real world ("Moon flight" and "Beyond earth"). This alternation of music senses, does not give a specific answer to the question "living in an e-world is better than living in a real world?" but motivates the listener to give his own answer... The main music style of "e-world" album is electronic/ambient, however, you can notice gothic and progressive rock influences in "Labyrinth" and "Psychodrama" songs. The saxophone in "Moon flight" and "Beyond earth" tracks is played by Dmitriy Samoylenko.

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