Marc With a C – RetroLowFi: 10 Years Of Marc With a C [2009] [Compilation]

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Compilation info
Marc With a C is a lo-fi pop songster from Orlando, Florida. He played his first show in 1999 when a member of a then popular local group didn't show up for a gig, and the set went down wonderfully. Since then, Marc has self-released seven official albums utilizing any available equipment. This has led to some occasionally unorthodox sounding recordings, but most fall into the framework of classic pop songwriting. Marc With a C is a total record collecting geek and it shows. While you can't see him doing his guitar windmills during his bedroom recording sessions, you can certainly hear the enthusiasm and lyrcial excitement.

This collection of material has been put together to celebrate the last decade of Marc With a C material, and is culled from most of his major releases with an occassional dip into the deeper catalog. While Marc has recently taken to offering all of his albums for free download at, this two-disc, fifty-four song collection will be available to purchase at his website, as well as his occasional shows. This compilation is designed to be a one stop shopping excursion, offering up all of the audience favorites in one place as well as serving as a beginners guide to Marc's extensive discography. Take just one listen to "RetroLowFi: 10 Years Of Marc With a C" and it'll be easy to see why Marc has built his substantial cult following within the lo-fi and nerd music scenes.

Disc One:
  1. Song Song
  2. As The Bombs Fell
  3. Classic Country Wasn't Multitracked In '61
  4. I Will Repossess Your Heart
  5. We're All Gonna Die
  6. Broken Record Player
  7. Stuck With Me
  8. Victoria's Girls
  9. Nerdy Girls
  10. Every Single Friend
  11. All My Drug Use Is Accidental
  12. Fighting For Love (Is Like Fucking For Virginity)
  13. I Tried To Die Young
  14. Bite Size Help
  15. Liana (live)
  16. Shock Treatment
  17. Music Geek
  18. Why Don't Girls Like Me?
  19. The Problem Is Me
  20. Melena (live)
  21. Chicken Pox & Star Wars Guys
  22. I Love Little Pussy
  23. A Very Special Episode
  24. Town In Flames
  25. The Earth Didn't Move (You're Just Hung Over)
  26. Drunk Classic Rock Fans
  27. Chasing The Bug

Disc Two:
  1. Blowjob Queen
  2. Stairway To Rudolph
  3. Ammonia
  4. Counting Down
  5. Bounce Bounce Bounce
  6. 'Til You Come Home To Me
  7. Anything But Plain
  8. If I Had A Dealer
  9. Terror Song
  10. No London In Brazil
  11. God Save The Queen From Navy Seals
  12. I'm In Love With Everyone I Know
  13. What The Hell Were You On?
  14. Ex-Neanderthal
  15. Freezing In Florida
  16. Jessica, I Heard You Like The Who
  17. She Loves The B-Sides
  18. RetroLowFi
  19. Born Vintage
  20. You've Got This Curse
  21. San Diego Doorways
  22. Happy To Be Alive
  23. Laura, I Need Medicine
  24. Amy, It's Kevin
  25. Life's So Hard
  26. You Do Not Exist
  27. Satellite

Release date: 12/08/09

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