Munn til Munn Metoden – EP Volume I [2010] [EP]

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Two boys from a small town in Norway called Fredrikstad. They like beats, big sounds, guitars, keyboards and also Gamboys and Nintendo DS. All of which they incorporate into the sounds that is Munn til Munn Metoden. Fun. Sweaty. Danceable. Good.

They've been compared to acts like Ratatat, Daft Punk, RJD2 and Justice, and they probably sound like blend of all those.

They've made a name for themselves here in Norway by remixing acts like Hiawata!, Casiokids and Harrys Gym, but they've also remixed acts from both the US (Hidden Cat) and Mexico (Electica Miami), and they've got a bunch of great remixes planned at the moment as well.

EP Vol. 1 is part 1 of a two part free digital EP series. Vol. 2 will be out early 2011, and their debut album before the summer.

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1 - Earth Cup
2 - The Pilot is Dead, Don't worry I'm a Makeup Artist
3 - The Youth of Right Reasons
4 - A Gesture in Small Scale

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