Dj FU-Q Original Mix – 18 Hours of Grey Dope Funk [2021] [Mixtape]

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Just a lot of funky shit for 18 hours if you're up to listen to some real shit. LOL Hip hop mostly but smooth as hell if I do say so myself...
Sumin4orNuthin of the Peacekeepers Crew RVA

Catch up with Angel Billionz (unaffiliated) if you can

Her new album is gonna be HOT. Check for her on YouTUBE

Please support other independant artists
Me. Just listen or buy me coffee sometime

Michael Neal Mollen outta Richmond Va.
42 year veteran of RVA
OBX in the house.

Let me know if you like something.
Not perfect yet but striving 4 perfection

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Let me know what you think yall, thanks.
Sumin4orNutin of the so far tiny little Peacekeepers Crew out

Thanks for listening....
if you even do 😉

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