Luke Seymoup – Songs I Wrote In High School, Vol. 1 [2021] [EP]

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These songs were written between 2006 and 2008 with the intention of being played by my high school bands, The Bollocks and Starlight Raygun. I rediscovered the lyrics to these songs while moving house, they were in an A4 binder heavily tagged with lyrics and band logos. Reading them had me in stitches, because only the mind of a teenager could make such small incidents from my life into such melodramatic, over-the-top lyrics. Looking back, I could almost consider this my comedy record.

The songs were largely influenced by my favourite bands at the time: Blink 182, Alkaline Trio, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. This comes across with varying degrees of success. The arrangements are largely unchanged from how they were originally written, just with more competent musical performance. I'm glad to say, I've made them sound how I would have hoped way back in the 2000s. I hope listening to these songs can put a smile on your face and transport you back to a simpler time in your life, just as they have for me.

Again, your support is greatly appreciated.

-Luke Seymoup

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