Kimiko Ishizaka – J.S. Bach: The Art of the Fugue (Kunst der Fuge), BWV 1080 [2017] [Album]

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Album info

  1. Contrapunctus 1
  2. Contrapunctus 2
  3. Contrapunctus 3
  4. Contrapunctus 4
  5. Contrapunctus 5
  6. Contrapunctus 6 a 4 in Stylo Francese
  7. Contrapunctus 7 a 4 Per Augmentationem
  8. Contrapunctus 8 a 3
  9. Contrapunctus 9 a 4 Alla Duodecima
  10. Contrapunctus 10 a 4 Alla Decima
  11. Contrapunctus 11 a 4
  12. Contrapunctus Inversus 12 A4 - Forma Inversa
  13. Contrapunctus Inversus A4 - Forma Recta
  14. Contrapunctus Inversus A3 - Forma Inversa
  15. Contrapunctus Inversus A3
  16. Canon Per Augmentationem in Contrario Motu
  17. Canon Alla Ottava
  18. Canon Alla Decima in Contrapunto Alla Terza
  19. Canon Alla Duodecima in Contrapunto Alla Quinta
  20. Fuga a3 Soggetti (completion by Pianist)

The pianist who undertakes performing Bach’s final masterpiece, the Art of the Fugue, not only braves one of the most challenging and intense keyboard works of all time, but also confronts the ultimate tragedy of music history; that Bach died before finishing his most ambitious work.

This recording features a newly composed completion to the final fugue, written and performed by Kimiko Ishizaka. Bach was in the process of writing a triple fugue (three themes), with the main theme being the Germanic musical spelling of his own name (B-flat, A, C, B-natural, written B-A-C-H in German nomenclature), at the time of his death. Kimiko Ishizaka brings the triple fugue to completion using the three themes already present, and drawing on ideas, patterns, and styles found elsewhere within the piece.

The piano used for the recording is the Bösendorfer Vienna Concert 280, a completely new design from Bösendorfer which has won praise for its tone, dynamic range, and clarity. The recording was made in May, 2017, in the Teldex Studio, Berlin.

The recording engineer for the recording is Anne-Marie Sylvestre. Anne-Marie and Kimiko previously worked together to record Bach's Goldberg Variations and The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1.

License: Creative Commons Zero
Program notes by Paul Griffith - copyright 2017, all rights reserved.

Kimiko Ishizaka, piano
Anne-Marie Sylvestre, audio engineer, editing, mastering
Robert Douglass, producer, photography
Gerd Finkenstein, piano technician
Album Cover by NASK 041
Teldex Studio
Bösendorfer Vienna Concert 280

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