Emanuel and the Fear – Emanuel and the Fear [2009] [EP]

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EP info
  1. The Rain Becomes the Clouds
  2. Comfortable Prison
  3. Jimme's Song
  4. We're All Alright Tonight
  5. Two

With a sound that derives itself from composers and songwriters across the board, Emanuel & the Fear is an extraordinary 11-piece orchestra-rock band that focuses on intertwining the modern day pop song with extravagant and complex composition.

Drawing from romantic and modern composers like Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Glass; and then fusing in a modern rock sound like Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Daft Punk and Sufjan Stevens; Emanuel & the Fear displays a true understanding of sound all-the-while capturing audiences with their climactic electro/orchestral arrangements and quivering, poetic lyrics.

Emanuel & the Fear are currently recording their full-length album at Ishlab Music Studios (Jet, Kudu, and Dead Prez) and are comprised of members who have played/toured with Sufjan Stevens, The National, Akron/Family, and Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears.
The group released their self-titled debut EP on Paper Garden Records on January 27, 2009!

"…smartly orchestrated pop music with a bit of a dramatic flare. Think Wainwright and Sufjan. A band to watch…." –The L Magazine

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