adcBicycle – Malignant Cove [2015] [Album]

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Album info
Malignant Cove is adcBicycle's 3rd album. All tracks are about a rocky ocean cove in Nova Scotia, Canada. The album was constructed to be catchy, dark, background music. The music engages the listener with gritty analog sounds, loosely played instruments and driving beats, yet at the same time sits peacefully in the background with distant vocals, slow building drama and a consistent dark pop mood.

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  1. That Hill It Has Already Gone Away
  2. Walk Along The Wire
  3. Count The Passive
  4. All Thats Written
  5. Sadder
  6. Jesus Loves To Watch You Sleep
  7. All Of The Time
  8. All Of Your Love
  9. Celebrate That I'm Beautiful
  10. Rain Down And Fall Away

Music by adcBicycle

Artwork by adcBicycle
Booklet by Maksim Parasjukov


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