Drunken Barn Dance – Grey Buried [2010] [Album]

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Album info
01 - The Last Desperate Stand Of The Last Fair Man
02 - Tapo Canyon Drowning
03 - A Winter's Tale
04 - Ain't No Weather Fouler
05 - No Love
06 - Time Spent Underground
07 - Leaving Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin...
08 - Evelyn Wears A Tiara
09 - The Guest List
10 - You Left The Wrong Girl

Album Description:

A band that takes pride in their authenticity (they claim to keep recording simple with only a few takes, no overdubs and plenty of alcohol) Drunken Barn Dance graces the end of the summer with their laid back style and vocals on their debut album, Grey Buried. Having just finished up a promotional tour, DBD seem to exclaim that they are ready for the U.S. of A. to get back to pure, good music – without the bells and whistles.

Folk is back on Grey Buried, as the five-guy band takes listeners on a ride with every song. Their lyrics are stories, discussing summer life, youth culture, scandal and more. “Ain’t No Weather Fouler” is a perfect example, as DBD uses metaphoric wordplay to disguise a song about the many forms of foul play: “For four days I’ve been drinkin/So best you get to hidin/Because I’m coming for your husband.” Although capturing the dark side of life, one must admire the creative lyrics sung with the perfect blend of nonchalance and emotion.

“Time Spent Underground” should be a theme-song, as it beautifully portrays the importance of living in the moment and summer: “Gin and lime/Velvet red wine/ there’s no further time as these moments. ” Nostalgic vocals, and simple yet awesome guitar riffs fill the track with meaning.

But the whole album is not all cozy and thought- provoking. DBD reminds listeners of how they got their name with the opening track, “The Last Desperate Stand of the Last Fair Man”; up-beat and fun, it is the perfect song to make drunks and sobers alike start dancing.

Overall, Grey Buried is interesting and refreshing, both lyrically and musically. Drunken Barn Dance gives fans a solid album that seems to truly encapsulate their love for their music and life.

4/5 stars

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