Toads, Inc. – The Biggest Conch Shell I've Ever Seen [2009] [Album]

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Hi, I'm Kyle. I enjoy long walks on the beach, making electronic music, and describing myself in torrent descriptions. Luckily, I get to incorporate two of those things right now. These songs are all made in Logic Express 8, and I doubt you care about that. What you care about is what they sound like. Well let me tell you. They are beautifully crafted pieces of electronic joy that shift between upbeat, happy frolicking and noisy, chaotic grinding. You'll want to shake your ass rhythmically, and then think about your reverence for your dad. And if you live in the Atlanta area, try to come see me live some time! We'll dance and sing and maybe discuss really cool slugs.

  1. The Benefits of Talking to Yourself
  2. I Hate my Neighbors
  3. In the Winter time
  4. The Adventures of Kyle and Ryan
  5. Driving on a Wet Road
  6. What Happens to Your Twitter When You Die?
  7. Most Pretentious Track on the Album
  8. No More Frogs
  9. Don't You Hate it When
  10. The Biggest Conch Shell I've Ever Seen
  11. Christopher Columbus Was Kind of a Douche
  12. Smoking Marijunana Has Given Me a More Positive Outlook on Mowing the Lawn

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