Essue Dove and Sadsic – Somnolange! [2009] [Album]

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Album info
The first collaborative effort between Sadsic and Essue Dove sees their very different stylistic approaches playing tug-o-war - Somnolange often toes the line between rhythmic junglegym and ambient haze, but just as often it collapses into one or the other and has to be gradually wrestled back. A varied, lo-fi electronic record that covers a lot of sonic territory.


01 Parsing... Parsing... Parsing...
02 Down to Business
03 Killdough
04 Sleep is for the Weak
05 Join Us
06 Codachrome II
07 Katatatatemvik
08 Bedsite
09 I was Sad, I Drowned my Ears in Honey
10 Splatter
11 Godsleep Me
12 Copper Tied

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