Japanese Torture Comedy Hour – Wheel Of Distortion [2011] [Album]

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GK#57 c&p 2011 karaoke/jtch

released 04 July 2011
a CHAOTIC NOISE production
"Wheel of Distortion"

Live analog power electronics by J. Randall.

This program was recorded before a live studio audience 3/22/02.

This recording contains no overdubs, editing or digital enhancement
of any kind. This is to be considered a live recording and in no respect a finished record.

All sounds created from manipulating the feedback that is produced
by chaining FX boxes into a endless, self-sustaining sound loop. No instruments (keyboard synthesizer, guitar, microphone, sampler, pc) were used creating this recording.

Recorded live to VHS cassette.

Track Listing:

1. 日本の拷問コメディアワー - EP#115 01:00:15

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