Nobody Wave – Headgeared [2010] [Album]

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Album info
August 2010 Digital Self-Release.


1. Birthday Blackout
2. These Girls
3. Emperor
4. College Song
5. Mexico
6. For the North
7. Turn Each Other
8. Excuse Me Miss
9. Lion in the Tide
10. Fast Asleep
11. Headgeared
12. Foreign Film

After a bright-eyed summer tour up the California coast in August 2009 with fellow Thousand Oaks buds Pretend, indie-garage trio Nobody Wave holed up in a San Luis Obisbo apartment this past December with friend/producer Morgan Mitchell to create their first record.

Playing together in teenage bands since early high school, vocalist/guitarist Chris Kokiousis, bassist Greg Kestenbaum and drummer Calbert Tung grew up in a sleepy town without a definitive music scene. Inspired by a few local, underrated groups like Respira and Amestory, they started Nobody Wave with the goal of breaking out of Thousand Oaks and shedding light on the fragile music community that they grew in. Without any shame, they've honed a style that takes the experimental and heartfelt qualities of their local heroes and marries it with undeniable pop songwriting.

Headgeared is culled from songwriter Chris Kokiousis' college days at UC San Diego, his pool of lo-fi dorm demos arranged into a nostalgic whole. With influences spanning the Kinks, Deerhoof, Motown and Desaparecidos, the suburban three-piece repurpose vintage violence and warm melodies to their needs. Music blog THE FMLY writes, "After a bit of solid deliberation I determined that their sound was that of the strange lo-fi lovechild of Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold and the older stuff of Voxtrot, all tumbled a bit in the surf and sun."

If you like Headgeared you can support us by purchasing it at or by coming to a show. More info about Nobody Wave can be found here:

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