Funeral Hammer and XsaladcrusherX – The Northern Darkness Marches Through The Coldest Night [2013] [EP]

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Funeral Hammer kind of scares me..

  1. Funeral Hammer - Rising From The Funeral Legion Over Everlasting Hammers (00:36)
  2. Funeral Hammer - CasXYVVXsius (00:25)
  3. Funeral Hammer - Gazing Over A Satanic Crucifixion Beneath Freezing Hammers (00:12)
  4. Funeral Hammer - Descending Into A Satanic Horde Bewitched By Vast Hammers (01:14)
  5. Funeral Hammer - Öv Hammers (01:51)
  6. XsaladcrusherX - Beheaded Fröstbite Lörds Öv The Winter Möönstruck Wölf Öv The Föggy Frözen Plains In The Snöwy Möuntains Ön The Icy Möuntains Öv The Misty Möuntains With Fröstbite (06:11)

Taken from the label's bandcamp profile.

Funeral Hammer


released 14 February 2013

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