Afternoon Coffee – Singles Collection 2011-2012 [2012] [Compilation]

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We are a pop band hailing from Yogyakarta, indonesia. Its in May 2011, that marked our birth. Our music is pop, with influence from Vanessa Carlton, Regina Spektor, Queen, YES, etc.Citra is the first who have the idea to form a band. She`s a former pop keyboardist who finds her true potential after singin with Afternoon Coffee. And Citra is also Afternoon Coffee main songwriter & composer. While Waway is a former punk rock band guitarist who turned as a bassist in Afternoon Coffee. He`s also one of the conceptor in Afternoon Coffee. And the last one is Ridhani, a former Thrash Metal drummer who`s now playing a more slower song in Afternoon Coffee.We have finished producing our new single. And we have a total of 6 song that will available to you periodically. It will be released one by one from our soundcloud and other site.


   Artist: Afternoon Coffee
   Genre(s): Pop
   Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
   Members: Citra Ayi Safitri : Keyboard & Vocal, Waway Nugroho : Bass, Dhani : Drums
   Label: none
   Website Link:
   Myspace Link:----
   Facebook Link:
   Bandcamp Link:
   Reverbnation Link:
   Twitter Link: @Aft_Coffee
   Free Download Link:

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