Adore – Distorted Minds [2010] [Album]

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Album info
From the creator of "Beneath Us" and "Emotion" EP series, comes the third and first album release, "Distorted Minds".

We are all born in debt - hoplessly enslaved, and programmed from start. Some of us are revolving on fiction to live with ourselves, and are being controlled by a system with the illusion of participation. If we were to be dreaming in freedom, we would escape from reality. We would have a new beginning, with the option of choice. Vaguely remembering the leaders from before, and those we lost to the selfish beings. This is when we realize, that we are living a nightmare, and that the solution to most of the world problems, lies in common heritage.


01. Born In Debt (2:03)
02. Hopelessly Enslaved (1:32)
03. Programmed From Start (3:13)
04. Revolving On Fiction (1:54)
05. Controlled By A System (3:10)
06. Illusion Of Participation (2:52)
07. Dreaming In Freedom (2:58)
08. Escape From Reality (1:16)
09. A New Beginning (3:10)
10. Option Of Choice (3:00)
11. Leaders From Before (3:18)
12. Those We Lost (1:46)
13. Selfish Beings (2:04)
14. Living A Nightmare (2:00)
15. Common Heritage (1:48)


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