Kowloon Walled City – Gambling on the Richter Scale [2009] [Album]

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On Gambling on the Richter Scale, their first full-length, San Francisco's Kowloon Walled City add a touch of finesse to the grinding pummel introduced on last year's Turk Street EP, which drew comparisons to Neurosis, The Melvins, and other low-end explorers, from the '90s AmRep roster to the current crop of sludgecore contenders.
The vinyl version, limited to 500 copies, is available in two color variations: clear (limited to 300) and black/silver swirl (limited to 200). All copies are packaged in heavy, full color jackets and include a CD version of the album in a separate hand-silkscreened chipboard sleeve. Vinyl is available at the Perpetual Motion Machine store.

Fierce, furious, crushing heaviness. Think Unsane, old Helmet, the Melvins, Buzzov-en, Neurosis of course, this is some seriously heavy shit. Pretty fucking excellent. -Aquarius Records

One of the best contemporary acts representing The New Wave Of American Noise Rock. -MetalSucks


01 - Annandale
02 - Diabetic Feet
03 - Clockwork
04 - Sleep Debt
05 - Paper Houses
06 - Gambling on the Richter Scale
07 - Bone Loss
08 - More Like the Shit Factory

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