Druley – .OGDRULEY [2011] [Compilation]

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  1. Intro
  2. Pass Out (Druley Bootleg)
  3. Lead Belly
  4. Rumblestiltskin
  5. Sex On Fire (Druley Bootleg)
  6. Exterminate
  7. Ketamine Ocean
  8. Bootyless
  9. I'm Not A Gangsta (Druley Remix)
  10. Thumpa
  11. HAHA!
  12. Creepin' (Druley Bootleg)
  13. Fail
  14. Nasty Wave
  15. Tik Tok (Druley Bootleg)
  16. Bubblegum USA (Druley Bootleg)

.OGDRULEY is to be released Halloween 2011. It is a compilation of material that ranges from old 2008 projects to fresh 2011 choonage. Some of it is finished, some is unfinished, some of it is mixed decently, some is not. Some work that I really like, and some that people recognize me for. I'm putting it out for free because I don't want to wait on a label to release it, I want to do it on my own time and because I owe it to the fans that have waited forever.

For more information, inquiries, tracks, etc:
druleyallstar at gmail dot com
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