The Same Sky – Two Hearts-Apart Under The Same Sky [2009] [Album]

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Album info
The Same Sky is a Chilean/Canadian project that was born in the middle of 2008.
Joseph Simon, (16 years old), wrote some songs on his acoustic guitar, mainly based on his family and things that were occurring at the moment.
Then he decides to take the songs to Marcos Luco's studio, (co-producer of the album), and record them without knowing any direction of the songs.
That is how, after several months of improvising in the studio, the album was finally made.
In general musical influences, he's able to name some bands such as "Wolf Parade" or "Smog", which have an important meaning in his life.

(Artwork By N. Carcavilla.)

  1. Intro
  2. We Sleep Under The Same Sky
  3. Don't Fall Asleep
  4. Lonely Man
  5. Sueño de Niñez
  6. My Heart Belongs To You Now
  7. Too Busy To Tell Your Name
  8. In a Light
  9. You Know And So Do I
  10. Cielo Azul (Salidas)

All Songs Written by Joseph Simon.
Recorded and Produced by Marcos Luco and Joseph Simon.

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