Velislav Ivanov – Тъй близко до самия небосвод (So close to the sky itself) [2008] [Album]

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Тъй близко до самия небосвод (So close to the sky itself) is a conceptual progressive rock effort. It is the story of a detached, isolated and disgusted man, and his doppelganger. All this is set against a musical backdrop influenced by the likes of Marillion, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, as well as Radiohead and Tindersticks. It is a dark, depressing, menacing and very detailed work, and I trust anyone who has a penchant for the more laid back side of progressive rock will appreciate it.


1.И сърцето най-сетне умира (And at last the heart dies)
2.Валс за дните на вино и рози (Waltz for the days of wine and roses)
3.Мълчание (Silence)
4.Сарабанд (Sarabande)
5.Дяволско (Diabolical)

The album is in Bulgarian, but you can find all sorts of information, including the translated lyrics on the official website:


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