Elektroniska Syrsor – The well of Sendell [2010] [Album]

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CD 1
  1. Well of Sendell
  2. Tappade dig i badkaret
  3. Dissidents of Otringal
  4. Follow Freeman
  5. Dantes peak
  6. Jagad av en psykos (Mix)
  7. Strange dream (Elektroniska Syrsor RMX)
  8. Strypt av Kosmoskatten
  9. Game over
  10. Ziddan
  11. Välkommen till Ankeborg
  12. Nattlig puls [Shifthappens Remix]

CD 2
  1. Introduktion
  2. Temple of Bú
  3. Överaskad av husrannsakan
  4. Mean interlude
  5. Massiv rökutveckling
  6. Spaceglitch
  7. Evolutionens gång
  8. Navid med krullet
  9. Charas
  10. Game over (Softicated mix)
  11. Al Bhed (People of Spira Remake)
  12. När Sömnen Kom shared (Elektroniska Syrsor remix)


In 2008, two guys met eachother in one of all the Swedish spacestations around our globe. They thought that it was time for some serious producing and came up with the experimental project Elektroniska Syrsor.

After a couple of weeks the two producers left their shuttle, crashing somewhere outside Africa and made some friends there aswell. However they got home starting up the good shit, light up the shiznit and started with the beat and ended with a whole history by itself.

The music can be described as a blend of electronic sounds that are backed up with different, and often acoustic, elements such as shimmering guitars, glitchy drums and uplifting melodies mixed with a touch of harmony.
There is also a big love for old pc adventures which mostly influence the music any some way. Little big adventure might be our biggest source of inspiration. Die Dr. Funfrock, die!

Now, the two guys, even more fucked up and angry then before, gives you the album “The well of Sendell” with 24 tracks.

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