Addae Dans – Myndust [2011] [EP]

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EP info Exclusive!

In the past few month I tried to open a new gate between the psychedelic music and the slow, downtepmo-dubstepish style. I mixed it with my own style and here is the result. Hope some of you will enjoy it, in spite of the fact it holds some deeper information than just entertaining. I would be glad if you would comment your ideas about the future of this stuff or just share your ideas. Thanks!

Remix: If you would like to do any kind of stuff with it, just send me a mail/message and I will give you the samples.

  1. Mieso   (6:46)
  2. James Whisper   (7:33)
  3. Carol's Pipe   (7:19)
  4. Myndust   (6:48)

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thx mate

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AddaeDans's avatar

You are welcome🙂

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very "minimalist."  reminds me of something that could be a score to an experimental film. for my taste it could use a few more layers in some parts. but overall a success. you mind if i ask what you used to make it?

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thanks. i used ableton and renoise. only made carol's pipe in renoise the others are in ableton, but there are eq's, filter and vst like izotope vinyl and lizard morph. it is quite repetitive but it is mostly a background noise for life. also i make it quiet so you need to concentrate to hear everything. this helps to meditate better. i gonna make some short film in the future so maybe i will make some simila tracks for them.

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