[angström:institute] – the return of SuperViolence [2011] [Album]

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The song – “Go” – got inspired by the cult movie “Blade Runner” and the question: “what makes us human and where are the boundaries to Artificial Intelligence?”.
“Love Me like a Machine” is a hommage to the new series of “Battlestar Galactica”, where Humans and highly evolved Machines even loose their sight of difference by falling in love to each other.
The outstanding “Substance-T” is an Epic, inspired by the movie: “A Scanner Darkly”, where nothing seems to be quite for sure until the great plan behind got uncovered at the end.
“Blood and Tears” assembles the atmosphere of: “Dune” – a universe where humans are able to fold spacetime by their drug-altered minds.
The triology of “Assassins” is about the most freightening scenario ever put on screen: “Terminator”, where our so highly blessed technology starts to think by their own and treats humanity as an enemy got to be erased, while the story behind treats with the interacting fabric of time.
“The Sting” is for “The Fifth Element” – where love itself got treated as a weapon.

This project is part of [Esc.]Laboratory / Art Factory Worms and is the 33th release at the 8th Year of the renowned project-studio for Utopic Listening.

1. Go [08:59]
2. Love Me Like a Machine [06:01]
3. Substance-T [12:32]
4. Blood and Tears [07:38]
5. Assasins Part 1 [08:51]
6. Assasins Part 2 [08:33]
7. Assasins Part 3 [02:02]
8. The Sting [14:09]

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