Time and Place – Scarlet [2011] [Album]

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Album info
Time and Place are a three-piece folk-punk band from Amherst, Massachusetts, USA; taking influence from the likes of Defiance Ohio, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, and all things Plan-it-X Records.

This album - their debut full length - is also available as a hand-stamped, vinyl-effect CD-R with a fold out insert printed on brown parcel paper.

  1. As the Rain Dies Down (03:45)
  2. The Revolution will be in Three-Four (03:27)
  3. C'est La Guerre (03:46)
  4. The Pact (04:01)
  5. Slings and Arrows (04:02)
  6. The Burnt Town Blues (03:14)
  7. Chords (I Should Have Never Taken a Chance on You) [duration]03:33
  8. The Truth is... (03:36)
  9. Scarlet (02:46)
  10. Below the Fold (04:49)
  11. ...And the Lucid Dreams of Us (03:50)
  12. The Postscript / There will be Time (05:09)

We're excited to present our first full-length, mixed, mastered, not-recorded-in-our-living-room album! Special thanks to Jonny Swagger & Eric Hutchinson for their tireless work towards producing this album, Ian at Kill Your Own & Aaahh!!! Real Records for all the support, Evan & Niko at Folk Routes, and Charlie, Pete & the rest of the Sweet Baby Lou crew down at WMUA. We offer our endless gratitude and love to our families, Taryn, Kelley, Marco, Alice, Andrew, Marc, Desmond, Sasha, Alyssa, Annie, Ariel, Max, Sarah, James Meakin, James Hull, Josh Egan, Ryan Coomey, Macon Mutiny, Jessica Stein, Emma (for lending Brandon that guitar and never asking for it back), Hunter & Jim at MonStar Brewing, the Twenty-Two Collective, the Grantwood House, the crusties at Ball Lane, the cuties at Juggler's Meadow, everyone at 34 Coolidge for their continued support, effortless hospitality, and all the floors, beers & rips you've provided us over the last year, the bands we've played with and the bands we love (Midi & the Modern Dance, Fort! The Band, The Shape, The FutureNows, Sasqwash, Grex, The Frills, The Telephone Company, COD, Motel Mattress, Spread The Infection, Mallory, and MC iPod). To our favorite hood-folk story-yellers, The Old Edison, and the amazing people that make up The Swaggerin' Growlers, we've got your back and the next round. We'll catch you in the pit.

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