Sadsic – [souls of winter] [2011] [EP]

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EP info
[souls of winter] is a brand new EP by me, Sadsic. It's something I made for my girlfriend for christmas originally, and grew into it's own little release. It's also a bit of a prologue for my upcoming full length, [summer spirit/autumn splendor], on the new Woozy Tribe label. Enjoy!

  1. Winter of Love
  2. Phantasmagorical Soul Awakening
  3. Phantasmagorical Soul Reaction
  4. Borean Passion
  5. Two Becomes One

Track 2 samples Andersen / Pleym's "They All Will Be Kind"
Track 2 also features some synthesizers played by Father Long Legs
Track 3 samples both Boards of Canada's "Duffy" from Acid Memories and "Unknown Track 9" from their All Tomorrow's Parties set.
Track 4 heavily samples the video "MOVE OVER STUART ANDERSON!" from Everything is Terrible! (watch it here:
Track 5 samples Boards of Canada's Echus from their All Tomorrow's Parties set.

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