Sylvain the Librarian – Staff Only No Vikings [2009] [Album]

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Album info
1. money well spnt
2. The Bell That Says
3. Es ist Charlotte
4. The people you work with
5. Your Manager Now
6. The Northern Wind (alt.)
7. The Rightful Owner
8. Daddy Play
9. Jump/Train/Mister
10.Let Bygones Be Bygones

Sylvain the Librarian is a virtually unknown thirtysomething singer songwriter & a librarian by trade. He used to be the frontman in ex-magnolia, an indie rock band based in Lyons, France, and now records music on his own using garageband, some basic samples and the so-called “software instruments," an old acoustic guitar, second hand melodicas, hints of Casio keyboard, and a ukulele. Last year, he bought a proper microphone, which was a progress, production wise! His music navigates between pop and folk, acoustica and electronica; his song are usually jaunty and melancholy at the same time; they're also short and straight to the point!

All songs by Sylvain Chuzeville,
except 3: words by Henry Lartey.
Performed and recorded by
Sylvain The Librarian (acoustic
guitar, Casio keyboard,
melodica, ukulele, singing).
Written & recorded in Avignon,
France & Lochen, Austria, 2006-
2009. Mastered by Huby Cuypers.

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