...And Stars Collide – ...And Stars Collide [2008] [EP]

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01.  Every Step Takes Me Further From Home (Part II)
02.  See the Opening Morn
03.  Your Winter and Night Spent in Disguise
04.  We Are None of Us Long of This World

Rock Sound: "...an appealing and, quite frankly, very fresh sounding debut EP... ...pure innovation..." (8/10) (April 2009, issue 121)

Albion: "It is with great pleasure I announce that ...And Stars Collide will, that's undeniable, will go on to great things. ...this is an incredible debut..." (8.5/10) (April 2009, online)

Nothingatall: "It's great to hear a genre that so badly needs a slap in the face sound so exciting and fresh again." (May 2009, online)

RoomThirteen: "Easily one of the best post-rock records in a long, long time..." (13/13) (July 2009, online)

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This is really great post rock.

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