Tleilaux – indisguise [2005] [EP]

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philadelphia's tleilaxu (a.k.a. dj crasta) is best known for chill and heady, breakbeaty idm tunes released on darla, tbtmo, cloudwatch and sean o'neal's fuzzy box label. after a long hiatus, tleilaxu returns for unfoundsound with two snippy, clicky, blissfully textured 4/4 tracks that borderline both idm and microhouse. plus, you get two in-house remixes: fusiphorm mesmerizes your quivering body with a deep, brain-tickling, alien-like number fueled by trippy delays and a dubby bassline; and someone else unloads a funky, silly dancefloor killer doused with kooky reverbs and plenty o' smiles. lip smacking!
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