MC Skatty

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Artist info
Having gotten hooked on the hardcore beats from a very early age, MC Skatty has a real passion for hardcore. Spending many a weekend with his mates listening to tunes and making up lyrics, Skatty decided to concentrate his efforts into making something out of his newfound skills. With lots of encouragement from his friends and family, who were all amazed by his lyrical genious, he set his mind to writing new lyrics and getting up on stage.

It was back in 2003 Skatty first took to the mic, and he has never looked back since. Putting all his spare time into writing lyrics and making new contacts, we can already see that this has served him well. From the days when he was just starting out Skatty has certainly come a long way and made a big impression within the scene.

With regular bookings, and enquiries from all over the country, Skatty is certanly a name to watch. With his major break back in 2007 at the Hardcore Heaven Weekender Competition ("H Factor"), where he won "Best MC", Skatty has started playing even bigger events.

Listening to his newer lyrics, it is easy to see how he has drawn on his own personal experiences to make each and every lyric very personal to himself. This means that every line is delivered not only with precision, but also with heart felt dedication and conviction.
MC Skatty
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