Mr Selfdestruct

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Mr Selfdestruct
Artist info
Music is everything and I'm one of its many voices on the globe. Based in Austria and being a DJ, Club Owner, Promoter for over a decade now, I decided to start producing my own music in the spring of 2010 with my very own unique interpretation of the universal language 'Musik'.

Addiction to music in my case happened in very young years, I'm not sure, but my voidy memories recall various Pianos, Flutes, pain - in - the - ass - years in the local city & school choir and finally the local Punk Scene, which released me from childish, stupid - christian prejudices on music theory. As a 10 year old boy I felt ready to explore the 70s, the 80s and 'live the 90s fast', and at that time I hoped to 'die young', like all those Seattle Grunge 'Rawk' Bands back in those days.

Well, I survived my pre & post - teen years, the journey continued and I got in touch with the Local Industrial / Dark Wave / EBM Scene here in Austria, the year was 1999. I also started a successfull event series called 'Sin Night', together with my friend 'The Dentist', aka 'Nixon' nowadays. As we grew older, we carried the 'Sin Night' to the events - graveyard in the year 2002, my musical taste luckily made a full twist: it was total chaos, I've to admit, I was simultaneously in love with Hip Hop, Ninja, Idm, Warp, NIN, Noise, Pop, Stoner Rock, Experimental, Avant Garde, 80s, Batcave, Reggae & Roots, Acid House, Synth Pop and Industrial Music. With time I finally found my home with Electronica / Techno / Dub(step) Music in general. My Industrial - Roots I can't deny, I tried, I swear ( though Industrial is in humanity's case timeless and in your head, not on your clothes!)

My diary pages back in those days were labeled with the year 2007, the very same year I started to lead the famous Music - Club 'Prometheus' in Innsbruck, where I originally started DJing. In the spring of 2011 I passed on all leadership responsibilities concerning the club to one of my best friends.

So here I am, still not accepting Genre boundaries, still doing 'this-and-that', I've lived 'fast' so far, but there are no symptons indicating that I'm going to 'die young'.

Genre boundaries I still simply don't accept, my musical world is dark, dubsteppish, urban, Industrial, technoid, stoned, sometimes 80iesque, sometimes psychedelic and it might even function as a mirror for yourself on special substances. But in the end my tunes end up to be floor friendly for all the styles, moods and expressions electronic dance music has to offer.

So tune in, fasten your seat belts and prepare to enter the voidy /-\rt 0f 5elfdestruction. Don't worry, it's only in your head.
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