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2011 – =Z
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Artist info
I make music. I do it in my spare time. I do it for fun. I don’t do it to make money, I have a day job. I don’t do it to massage some stale adolescent fantasy about being famous. I’m almost thirty; I don’t want to be famous. I make music that I like. I make music that I’d like to listen to. I make music to get stuff off my chest.

I’m putting this music up here so people can hear it if they’d like. It’s all free. I’m going to post songs when I think they’re done, and suggest the order in which you should listen to them. We can debate the album as an art-form over email if you want.

I hope you like this music, but I’m not really going to care if you don’t. These are simple rock songs recorded on a laptop, and I’ve just recently realized after a long time that there’s no accounting for taste. I just hope that you connect in some way to the honesty and the effort it took to create this stuff. That’s all any real artist should ever hope for.
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