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Artist info
All of the music I make is done with the wonderfully strange and tempermental piece of free software known as Jeskola Buzz, and a beaten up Mexican Telecaster and SM58. I'd move on to something else, but I've no real reason to. The cover artwork for the albums basically comprises some beautiful Finnish landscape photos from a friend of mine called Jani Saarijärvi. You can check out his photo gallery [link on site].

I love making music and make it constantly, but I am a Ph.D student in English Literature first and foremost, which I love, along with all the teaching and writing that goes with it. I make music to relax mainly, and to make my daily bus journeys a bit more interesting, - but there obviously can be no harm in putting it up for others to check out too. There is also a page which keeps track of what people are listening to which is kind of cool.

If you like the music, I'd love it if you'd copy it to CDs and give it to your friends, and most of all I'd love it if you'd email me at the address below to let me know. Just because I make music for myself (I know that sounds pretentious, I'm sorry) doesn't mean I don't enjoy it when other people like my output."

Email: conelrad at munchhouse dot com
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